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A Grand Trip to The Canyon (Delayed)

This Labor Day weekend (LDW) I found myself at the Grand Canyon. My best friend was at a wedding, my other friend was in Boston, and D was on a romantic weekend. That’s when I realized, I only have about 3 friends…

I proudly decided, on the Wednesday before the holiday, I would take a trip. Thanks to my coworker’s suggestion, it would be the Grand Canyon.  I booked my ticket on US Airways, not heeding the warnings of friends who have sworn off the airline.

I promptly showed up to the airport. When dad drove away I received a phone call- my plane was delayed almost 2 hours. No worries! I would make friends at the bar- I always do. I spoke with several people over the phone and in person, who assured me I would not miss my flight from Charlotte to Phoenix because my “plane is the aircraft traveling on from CLT to PHX.”  I gladly sipped my sangria and adopted the bartender as my temporary boyfriend.IMG_0896

When my tipsy self-boarded the plane, the gate agent informed me I would have a plane change. WHAT?! I spoke with the purser who so aptly informed me “Sugar, you ain’t making that plane.” All I could do at this point was go to sleep for the next hour and half on the plane.

I did, in fact, miss the plane. And due to some pretty crappy airline laws, US Airways claimed it was weather related. Absolute BS! I’ve taken a few law classes in my undergrad years, plus I’m a “cute” girl. My goal in this situation was to not get a free flight or an upgrade, but to secure a free hotel (since I landed in CLT at 23:00.)

People were going nuts and being escorted by security. I’m normally not a crier, especially in public place, however my exhaustion from the week, and the pitcher of sangria were exactly what I needed at that moment. I employed the Socratic method, looking all doe eyed and confused until finally my tears welled up and one tear rolled down my face as I said “I just want a safe place to rest my head.”


That night I enjoyed a bed at Four Points and my flight in the morning had me poolside by 10AM.


A ruse?

There is a young lady; the muse
Whose company a man pursues.
She sips champagne,
And dreams of Spain,
But lately she’s been feeling a ruse.