Hark! Your fair mermaid, dedicated to all things water related, has decided to run a Marathon! Here is where I’ll share all my running horrors and victories. (and RANTS)


  • Actual running begins 20 weeks from marathon day.
  • Runs will be done 3x per week (long, pace, speed).
  • Zumba, kickboxing and yoga are my cross training methods.
  • Do not die or receive any grave injuries until race day. 
  • Smile 🙂


The NYC Marathon is exactly one month away and of the above mentioned plan, the only thing I’ve stuck to is the last point. Fear not, I still have all intentions of crossing the finish line. Good news…My dear friend is flying in from Sweden to run/walk this with me. This is one of the most amazing races in the world which is in my favorite city. It will be painful but pain is temporary and the memories with my friend are forever.


20 Days away. A week ago a sharp pain crept in. Going to the doctor tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Goal time is out the window. New goal is to be healthy enough to run and just finish.