Let’s call this my Italian birthright 

by julesfric

I was alerted of an airfare sale through Meridiana airlines from NYC to Naples, Italy. My mom retired the week prior and she always said she would travel the world once she retired. If there’s one thing I love more than champagne and red lipstick, it’s making sure people travel the world. I told dad about the deal while finding a friend who would like to travel with me. To my surprise, the parents offered to buy my ticket and join them.


The plan: I work Wednesday and meet them at the airport. I’ll travel to Sorrento with them for a few days. Come Monday, I’ll return to the US and they’ll continue traveling Italy for another 2 weeks.

No family trip is free of drama but that’s for another post.

Our itinerary:

Day 1- arrive in Naples and pick up car. Head to our hotel (which was an authentic monastery complete with nuns) and explore some of Sorrento

Day 2- get a tour of Pompeii in the morning. Continue exploring Sorrento at night.

Day 3-Island of Capri complete with private tour guide and boat ride. (Yours truly puked on the boat)

Day 4-Positano and driving the Amalfi highway.(Did not plan to take the mountainous way back but it was lovely)

Day 5- drive back to Naples to get on separate flights. (Forgot to note “pick up sandwich for flight because airline food is gross”)


Enjoying fresh figs in Capri

Overall, it was southern Italy. I was scared of the driving, considered a local, and drunk. Oh man, that house wine is amazing. I’m not sure about traveling with my parents again. They are pretty cool and all about looking at unique and off the beaten path restaurant via TripAdvisor. However, no men hit on me because, as one would guess, I was with my parents. But then again, they did pay for some amazing meals and views. Free trip to Italy V. Smooching on Italian boys. It’s a constant battle within.

Ciao for now


Only one I gave a good smooch to in Italy