On the Flip Side

by julesfric

Everything has another side we tend to overlook most of the time. When things don’t go the way they are planned, I try to find that other side. I hope to find comfort in the reason or silver lining of the situation.

This February I had planned a short trip to Iceland. My tickets were a steal at $250 round trip. Small catch-my flight was out of Boston. I booked a reward ticket with Delta to Boston. Everything was set. I had my morning at the blue lagoon, my snorkeling tour booked, and the cafes I would visit. The morning of my departure, I get a cancellation email from the airline. Boston airport is closed due to a snow storm. Ironic- My flight to Iceland cancelled due to ice!


Totally nailed the “Elsa in an ice castle” thing!

This was a Monday morning. I quickly text my boss about my cancelled trip and would be in a little later than usual, emailed the blue lagoon and snorkeling tour to cancel my reservation, and finally, called the airline to refund my flight. As any good travel knows, the E.U. has a very transparent flyer bill of rights. The airline offered to put me on a flight for the next day, but I requested the refund instead. Looking back, I could have inquired about them purchasing another ticket for a different airline out of NYC, but I was feeling under the weather. The day before I went to a first med to be diagnosed with an upper respiratory infection. This cancelled flight was a blessing in disguise. I like to think that had I gone to Iceland, my infection would have progressed to something worse like pneumonia.

As I sat in my windowless cube at work, my colleagues asked why I was there. They knew how excited I was to see the Northern Lights, having timed my trip for one of the best days of the year. I also needed this trip. I broke things off with a guy the week before. I needed to find a rebound-I needed a new adventure to love.

I remembered seeing a website for an ice castle. Every year, in various locations throughout the USA, ice castles are built. I informed my boss I would be taking off Friday to see the ice castle in Lincoln, New Hampshire (a 6 hour drive.)


Pause: Lincoln, New Hampshire. What is in Lincoln, NH?!

I would be spending the night at a Westin outside Boston. “Single girl killed while visiting ice castle in Lincoln, NH” did not sound like a nice headline. I explored the hotel website after booking. It was promoting a nearby ski mountain. I always wanted to learn how to snowboard so I booked a snowboard lesson. My good friend came to the rescue and loaned me  snowboard pants and a jacket.


First time on a board and terrified. 

It turned out to a be an amazing long weekend. I appreciated the time alone to sort through my feelings, listened to all of season 1 Serial podcast, and most importantly, BECAME OBSESSED WITH SNOWBOARDING!

Ready for silver lining?


Laughing at my silver lining

My trip was cancelled-I took a snowboard lesson-I went out on several dates with 2 separate men (better than a rebound hookup) who I only met because I was snowboarding.

Now, that’s real optimism.