Tailgating through poetry 

by julesfric

The outlook could not have been more brilliant for the crew that day:

The weather stood at a cool 82, perfect for the adult children to play,

And then when Morgan came through with a gin bucket, and Stephanie did the same,

Smiles fell upon the tailgaters at this classic baseball game.

A straggling few awoke early for an hour long train ride,

Clung to the hope of day drinking with baseball on the side.

They thought “I don’t follow baseball nor care about either team,”

Except for one Miss Amy, dressed in Royals theme.

As the morning progressed, a larger crowd did yield

Both Erica and Moises preceded Jim’s arrival to the field.

And the former were proclaimed Yankees fans, while the latter was a sight,

For dressed from head to toe ‘Twas orange, blue and white.

The thing observed, which seemed self evident,

Surveyed while Shoshana and Allie partook in lawn merriment,

The number 2 highlight of the day was bocce ball;

The number 1 was seeing Frank all out sprawl!

But the game did eventually start, to the wonderment of all,

And from the parking lot to the stadium, the group aimlessly crawled;

And once their seats were taken by this wonderful, jovial herd,

Up on the big scoreboard it read “top of the third.”

There was an ease in Mike’s heart as he ate from Keith’s grill.

There was a pride in the stands during a home run thrill.

And when it was learned bars closed as the 7th inning started,

No stranger in the crowd questioned why Anthony departed.

There was no joy in Mudville when Casey, might Casey, struck out,But he didn’t have friends like mine, and that’s without a doubt.

Peace, love, and tailgates.