Feeling (un)Lucky

by julesfric

Vegas, the city of luck or despair. Some get really lucky while here and others leave broke and in debt. No, my few days in Vegas didn’t leave me desolate, but it was ridden with a bout of food poison.

First, I did not travel to Vegas for the parties or gambling. I was there to check out a potential job and spend some time with my buddy Pete. When Pete picked me up from the airport at 9AM his time, I had already puked twice on the airplane. I thought it was a combination of sleep deprivation and a stuffy plane. Nope! For the next 12 hours I was passed out on Pete’s couch only getting up to run to the bathroom. I expected to puke in Vegas, but not on the way TO Vegas.
Once the puking subsided, I was able to enjoy the next few days, which included a visit to the Hoover Dam, the Pinball Hall of Fame, a speakeasy, and a walk through the Wynn casino, where I gambled on the slot machine in hopes of winning enough money to buy a pair of shoes.

I’ll definitely need to head back to Vegas but do it the way most people know-the party/puke combination.