The American Desert

by julesfric

I very much enjoyed the Grand Canyon. First, my hotel was fantastic (as usual) thanks to my best friend’s connections.

By 10AM, I was poolside and tanning. The server, Jason, knew to keep the mojitos coming. Reading, sunning, and mojitos are all categorized under “perfect.” In the same column is also my massage. I booked a Pima healing massage.


The Sheraton property I stayed on is leased land from the Pima Indians. I was technically on a reservation. And if I was unsure, the casino was a give away. My Pima massage was done by a member of the Pima tribe which focuses on Pima healing techniques. I called it an early night because in the morning my tour was picking me up for THE GRAND CANYON!IMG_0917

Seeing the canyon was worth the long drive from my Phoenix hotel. I had a great tour guide, who even came back after dropping me off because i forgot my favorite jean jacket.

What did I pack? Whatever could fit in my longchamp purse: a dress, shirt, a bathing suit, sandals and 2 pairs of underwear. Travel made simple!

I took a red eye flight back to Charolette where I luckily caught an earlier flight to La Guardia. I was showered and asleep before my parents woke. Despite the difficulty getting there, it was a grand trip.


Helicopter ride over the canyon