FDR Geocache Dash

by julesfric

This weekend I finally went geocaching! Geocaching is similar to a scavenger hunt for adults.


Barracuda Fairfield Geocache #1

It is a global network of people who hide a “cache” and tell you the geographic coordinates. The cache can contain a log book to sign, a clue to another cache or tiny objects to swap.

For this adventure, I had a navigator codenamed “Alex Mamba.” (codenames are essential for any adventure). My codename was “Barracuda Fairfield” which is a pretty sick name, if I do say so myself.

So Alexa Mamba and I headed to FDR State Park. It took us a few minutes to figure out how to use the geocaching app. Helpful tip: use the compass function to see which direction to walk and your current geo location in relation to the cache. We found the first cache with relative ease. With some time to spare before the 1pm Jets game, I thought it would be fun to do one more.


Alex Mamba w/ #2

Let’s cut through the woods they said. It will be an adventure they said. Don’t take the easy way they said. Why did I listen to them?

Definition of them- Myself

So into the woods Alex Mamba and I went. And at first it was easy. A few hills here and there. Then, we hit wet land.


Sneakers didn’t stand a chance

By wetlands, I mean mud and lots of it. Though nature and I are usually bitter enemies, I didn’t mind the mud. It must have been the company making it better. I did feel bad for my poor sneakers. If I wore my boots, I would have ran through the mud pits. Funny enough, I think the wet lands made it a real adventure. We had to walk on fallen trees to cross streams and jump from rock to rock until we finally found the cache.

Needless to say, we took the long and dry route back to the car.

Until the next mission….


Barracuda Fairfield over and out.