Cheese, Wine, and Men; All things that are better in Italy

by julesfric

Remember that trip to Italy I booked for an insanely low price? Well I am finally ready to talk about the adventure. It truly was an adventure, filled with  exploration, dancing, castles, boys and wine.

On our first night Catherine and I met a group of Italian guys at a local bar. What characters…Guido who was dressed in a 3 piece suit, Michael the Italian fashion importer who lives in LA, and his rocker girlfriend who loves healing crystals. That night we got the scoop on tomorrow’s “big event,” an Ultra concert next to the lake. This conversation occurred over pizza which Marcelo kindly bought us ladies.

Boating around on the lake

Boating around on the lake

Catherine and I took our tipsy, jet lagged bodies, back to our adorable AirBnB (think a tiny apartment inside a locked courtyard) for a very adult bedtime of 9PM. In the morning we would be climbing Mount Grona.

***NOTE*** I am not a nature person. Yes, I have done my fair share of hikes in New York. Oh sure, I am athletic. My ideal vacation normally doesn’t include long hikes, but my companion wanted to and I am all about compromise.


I am still unsure how steep of a hike Mount Grona was. 3 hours hiking  bare handedly climbing up this mountain, 3 hours down the mountain, and an additional hour walking toward town- I think it was safe to say I deserved those 4 scoops of gelato, personal pizza, half a fish and bottle of wine that night, which ended with an Ultra concert next to the lake.

Catherine and I had plans to head to Switzerland for the a night, but we canceled them to head into Milan for an extra day. Catherine slept on the train. When she woke up i proudly pronounced “Giovanni, a friend of a friend, is picking us up in a blue buggie to take us to a picnic in Bergamo at a castle.” And folks, that is what happened. Catherine and I ended up eating lunch in the Bergamo castle. Why we headed to Milano that night instead of staying in Bergamo is still something Catherine and I ask myself.



Some highlights from the remainder of the trip:

  • The most delicious house wine at a tiny Sicilian restaurant
  • Our last minute luxury hotel deal
  • Rinsing my mouth with champagne before clubbing
  • Expo
  • Italian lingerie shopping
  • Hair cuts from two women who spoke very little english but gave us both great cuts