Olive Espana

by julesfric

Spain is still this magical place in my head.

I was so happy that I began and ended my trip with my friend Camz. I am also so grateful to have had the 5 days on my own.


I landed on a Monday morning to Camz waiting outside customs for me. After a failure in finding the bus, we hopped in a cab to the beautiful Westin for some tea and nibbles. I had a chance to explore Madrid with her as my guide. The best part of the day (besides spending the day with her) was discover 2 euro wines. I ended my night at the hotel bar, drinking a wonderful red wine, which I regret not getting the name of, and meeting an older gentleman from Dubai/France, who regrettably got my name.



That morning I headed to the train station for my train to Seville. I bought a youth ticket (under 26). Apparently he printed as “child”. I tried to explain in my mediocre Spanish that it was a youth ticket. With no luck, I “took a ticket” to wait for a new ticket. With my new ticket in hand, I ran to the gate and made my train just in time.

**Side note on trains** When you book your ticket, you book a specific seat. You cannot sit wherever you’d like.

When I got off the train, I knew I entered a magical place. Seville, you have my heart. It is the most magical city in my eyes. Filled with beautiful people, amazing architecture, and an interesting history, I cannot stop dreaming of this city. The most magical moment was in a hot tub, on my own, looking at the Cathedral of Seville lit up at night.


I made a new friend on my trip to the Alhambra, and was invited to her wedding in Canada!

It was sad to leave after 3 nights in my perfect hotel (it was next door to Carmen’s Cigar factory). I long for the day that I can return and fall asleep, in my comfy bed, with the light breeze coming through the open balcony window and the sound of a solo saxophone player wafting into my room.


Mt trip ended with Barcelona. I had one day alone and I ventured a hour north to Figueres to see the Salvator Dali museum. (such a good idea.) Bright and early Camz showed up at my hotel. We had a day packed with Picasso, getting drunk in “The Fairy Forest,” Park Guell, napping, olives, wine, and being silly.

Such a wonderful week in a wonderful place during my wonderful life.

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