by julesfric

The trip to Dublin and back were equally filled with drama, which had to do with time.


An hour and a half my friend and I arrived at the airport. We had been on 4 flights in the last 3 weeks…1.5 hours was fine except we didn’t know about pre-clearance!!

A few countries undergo US pre clearance to alleviate customs on the ground. Dublin international is one of them. When we checked in, and of course this included a 20 minute passport problem, the ticket agents stressed to get to our gate ASAP. We surprisingly found a very long pre-clearance line 1 hour long standing in our way.


I, the worrier, began freaking out as the minutes passed. By the time we got trough customs we had less than 5 minutes. Oh yeah, those 5 minutes were spent through a second security scan.

I remember the two of us running, her with no shoes, up these steps then the longest ramp I could ever imagine- our backpacks bouncing up and down with all our travel treasures.


But we made it! We huffed and puffed and caught our breathe for 45 minutes as the plane was delayed waiting for all the other chaps stuck at pre-clearance.

Fail on us.