What’s in the bag: Spain

by julesfric

When it comes to packing, I like to travel light. Since I’ll be heading to 3 cities in 1 week, I opted for only a carry on, which I prefer for any multi-city trip.

When I returned home from my first multi city trip of three weeks I realized I overpacked. Although I strategically plotted outfits to fit into a carry-on, I ended up only using half of what I brought. For this trip I am using a much smaller bag. I am excited because it has a zipper in the middle. my goal is to fit everything when the bag is it that way I can expand it while away to fit any treasures I wish to bring home.


And what of the clothes you say? I decided to just pull things through my closet and stuff it in my bag. If I am not entirely sure of what I packed and which outfit combinations I will make until its time to get dressed each day. There was very minimal planning; Dresses are my best option and shorts aren’t appropriate for the predicted weather. I have learned that tights and fleece lined leggings can keep you warmer than pants. Also, depending on the shoe, a dress can go from night to day.

This leads me to try something new. I am a steadfast believer in only packing one pair of additional shoes. For this trip I am packing the three additional pairs (in hopes of compensating for lack of clothes). My shoes and my outerwear are about the only thing I actually put thought into. So take a look into my bag!