36 hours in San Antonio

by julesfric


Enjoy the 90F weather!

Well y’all, my first visit to Texas was, in short, magical! In 36 hours I not only met some interesting folks, but I did so while escaping the New York City chill that was slowly approaching a clear mark that winter is soon to come.


Being the typical tourist at governor’s palace, because, you know, I frequent palaces often.

I was lucky enough to spend my two nights at the beautiful Westin located conveniently on the Riverwalk. It was the most convenient area I could wish for. I walked out of the lobby, which was so beautifully designed with a Spanish flair (and I do love my history and architectural detail) straight to the river. If I couldn’t walk, I just used Uber- my first time! When choosing a destination, I wanted something that I could walk or could take a quick cab ride somewhere. San Antonio was fantastic in the walking aspect. All the major tourist destinations are within a walk of each other. I will admit: I was a total tourist on this trip. I did all the touristy things: River tour; the Alamo; Market Square; La Villita; Governor’s Palace.



If I had to do it again, I would splurge for the car rental just to venture for some BBQ for dinner. Other than the BBQ, San Antonio left me happy. The most enjoyable portion was the history of the city mixed with these hidden details scattered around the city. This is only based on the small portion that I saw, which was the Riverwalk area. It was a very romantic city and reminded me a bit of Amsterdam. If I were to go back, it would have to be hand in hand with a lover….


Just an example of the little details that I appreciated in the city. NYC is full of such history, but it is often over shadowed by skyscrapers and modern designs. To see simplicity is just as breath-taking.

Just a few trip highlights:
-The doormen at the Westin were great with restaurant and bar suggestions! My first meal in SA was the best.
– San Antonians love Halloween, particularly the celebration of La Dia del los Muertos. Going on a ghost tour at the cultural institute left me with shiver. I wish I could have visited the museum during the day.
-Being “day played” while walking along the river. He tried it.
-My beautiful candle holder from it’s a glow, which is along my bedside as I type.

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