The African Village

by julesfric

Our helpful Charleston guide Anna, have us such a unique recommendation. She told us about the “African Village.” It’s a community an hour south of Charleston, where, we were told, they live separate from the US. My question was “Do I need my passport?”


As D freaked out driving down the path, and instructed to me get the scissors from the glove compartment, I was fully confident about what lay before us. We were welcomed by a sign and instructed to honk our horn upon arrival. Eventually our tour guide, Oma Wally (Not how it is spelled, but I can’t remember the exact way…sorry!) We were guided around the grounds and given the history of the village as well as insight into their spiritual beliefs.
IMG_7546 IMG_7545

The very exciting part was the destiny reading we got from the chief. I’ve had palms, tarot cards and ruins read, but I’ve never done this. I was very happy over the outcome. I was given my coordinating power color (white,) and D and I both got necklaces to represent our respective colors.

During D's Reading

During D’s Reading

To follow-up, the chief gave us his number to call back, and Oma Wally gave us  call a few days later to see how the road trip was going.



P.S. The king seemed to like me, so if all else fails, I think I might just go be a queen!