Charleston, South Carolina

by julesfric


Deborah and I did an express stop through Charleston on our way to Hilton Head.

We reached the city around 20:15 which was perfect because we were able to catch the Patriots and Pirates ghost tour. Although the other 10 members of the tour were disrespectful (why take a ghost your if you don’t want to find out about ghosts?) out tour guide Anna was fantastic! I’ll explain her in more detail later.

And hotel?

I have an app called “hotel tonight” which gives me last minute rates for nearby hotels. We chose the Mill House, a location on our ghost tour. How cool is that! Here’s the story, General Lee was smoking a cigar on the balcony when he saw Charleston burning. It was The Great Fire of 1861. He began knocking on everyone’s doors, instructing them to soak towels and sheets in water, and to hang them out their windows. This stopped the fire from burning the hotel.

I’m proud to say, we negotiated a rate for $125 for the night, which I’m sure had a lot to do with the fact that we showed up to the hotel around 0:00.


That morning we had a great breakfast of shrimp and grits, fried green beans, and sweet teas. Followed by a walk through the market, reminiscing of my favorite Gullah Gullah Island episode, and a nice break on the swings.


Our trip was short because we wanted to head to the African Village, a recommendation from your guide Anna, which is a future post worth reading!

As for now, in enjoying a sweet tea by the pool with some fish tacos ready to continue my sweet tea tour!