North Carolina

by julesfric

photo 1-4

Well, one week is completed of the Sweet Tea Tour.

After a few days of an AirBnB house, Deborah and I were offered a place to stay at Battle’s Home on Wrightsville Beach in exchange for dig sitting.

photo 2-4

Our days were consumed with trips to the Causeway Cafe, followed by cooler lunches on the beach, and fish for dinner  something that is not fish, because fish are friends, not food.

The low point of the trip was definitely the accidental sun poisoning. I swear I wore sunscreen and applied it frequently. Alas, SPF 30 was not enough for my polar vortex prone skin. I blame the fact that my skin hasn’t seen a beach vacation in almost 5 years as the reason for my sun poisoning. Deborah blames her ex-boyfriend, but that is another story. Oh, and I think the hot yoga class that I left halfway through the day before also had a bit to do with it. Note to self: never beach then hot yoga without a 3 hour nap and a gallon of water between the two.

Ginger the doggie

Ginger the doggie

Alls well that ends well.

We left Monday around 3 to head to Charleston, SC. But, have no fear, as we are heading back to Wilmington in a few days to see Ginger the doggie once more.