Making it to the beach

by julesfric

The plan was to leave Manhattan at 18:00. Then 20:00. Somehow we left at 22:30. By somehow I mean my friend Deborah was a hot mess- bags not packed. Panicked over what to pack. Trying to ran her apartment etc.

I slept about an hour in the car when the call came through that we could crash in DC for the night at a friends’.

It took us 5 hours to get to DC, which was a short stay, as we only slept for 3 hours. 6:00 and I was up, dirty chair latte in hand, Carole King
blasting, and cruise controlling at 75 mph to Wilmington, NC!

Our 13:00 arrival was well welcomed by fish sandwiches (and delicious lemon pepper fries) and Battles hospitality, as our rental home wasn’t ready yet.


Straight to the beach it was!


….and then straight to dinner, $2 fish tacos with Battle and her husband.

….and then straight to bed. I was exhausted.