Where to Next?

by julesfric

After a disappointing staycation for spring break/ my birthday, I decided I NEEDED to get away this summer. On July 7th, I start my big girl job, and that’s when I say goodbye to 12 weeks off for summer I’ve had for 19 years. I am crying a bit on the inside. That is why I need to make this summer one filled with lots of adventure.

I have 6 weeks to be free and have fun. 

So, where shall I go?

I debated Europe, South East Asia, South America, Northern Africa, and after much debate, and trouble finding a travel buddy (that always seems to be the issue) I have decided…

I am going to see America! 




The United States is so culturally rich, that I should look closer and enjoy my home. My plan is to visit a few new cities, and a few ones I’ve seen before. It should be fun, and it should create a lot of stories, so stay tuned for details!