Travel Buddies: the Pros, the Cons, and the Need

by julesfric


The other day I met my soulmate.

His name is Jordan.

He’s 29.

Has a great job in finance, and most importantly,

He loves to travel spontaneously.

You can say we fell in love within the first few minutes of meeting. The first thing out of his mouth was travel related. We bonded over travel stories and I knew I had him when I showed him a few tricks or two to booking cheap flights.


I envy those who can travel solo. I wish I could just get up and go by myself. I know one day I will, and I think it will be soon, but for now, I am a slave to traveling with a companion. This is mainly because of my mom. I get it, I’m young. This makes me vulnerable. After my pickpocket incident and purse snatch one week apart in Europe, I also don’t have the best of luck. Top this off with my belief that people are inherently good, and I am a heart attack for almost any mother. Oh, did I also mention that my mom holds my passport hostage until I can provide her the name of who I’ll be taking my next trip with. Yeah these were her words of wisdom before I went on my first adventure:

While driving to airport…

“Let me tell you about a little movie i once saw. It was called The Midnight Express. This guy gets framed for drugs and he spends his life in jail. No one could help him. He was abused and tortured and the US Embassy was useless. He had to be eventually smuggled out. Have fun sweetie! :)”



So here I am. I am going to break down the pros and cons of traveling with a buddy.



Save half on accommodations like  airbnb and hotels

Always have someone to talk with

Safety in numbers

Someone to take your photos

A buddy to laugh about  memories with more often

Easier to make foreign friends


You have to compromise about what to do for the day

Tendency to get into an argument or on each other’s nerves

No freedom

You’ll have different budgets hence different amounts of spending


My Pros outweigh my cons, But I’m curious about others’ pro/con lists. What do you prefer? IN the meantime, I’ll sit in the city that never sleeps, dreaming about my next destination and how to convince my friends to max out their credit cards to tag along.

*I am still searching for my life soulmate, as Jordan and I both have the same male celebrity crushes.