Single in NYC on Valentine’s Day

by julesfric

Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day as many know it by, can be difficult for any single person. I often wonder of being a single female in NYC, where the dating scene is notorious for females, makes it more or less difficult to handle the day.


I often take the day on stride, and remember all the perks of being single, like extra onions on EVERYTHING. This year, V-Day was on a Friday, so I did my typical Friday thing….drinks with Friends.

First stop, Flute. Flute is a champagne bar. Some people can drink water like its water. I can drink champagne like its water. Really, the only thing I wanted to do was drink champagne and slow dance while lip synching to cheesy love songs. I couldn’t make that happen, but I at least got my champagne….including a $150 of champagne bought for me and my two gal pals by this guy at the bar. We thought it was so sweet a guy would buy three single ladies champagne on Valentine’s Day, believing he was sensitive and such. Nope! His girlfriend thought otherwise. Well, at least it was a beautiful bottle.


We headed to Lillie’s, where things got interesting: brothers, sliders, under cans, crazy girls, large bionic teddy bears, and pool tables.


No evening is complete without dancing and detoxing at Home Sweet Home, having a snowball fight down E. Houston, and loading up on falafel.

I think the moral of this story is, I had a kick-ass time with two gal pals than I would have had on a fancy dinner date or moping on the couch.

Lesson learned: Go out and rock the town.


And half priced chocolate covered strawberries( because when you’re single you buy them for yourself) are always delicious the night after dancing!