Swedes and Their Exercise

by julesfric

Forget about being lazy on a vacation! I exercised everyday while in Stockholm. To tell you the truth, I increased my NYC gym regime just so I would be fit enough to keep up with my friend.

The most used Christmas preset was by far the 5 day pass to the Olympic sized pool and gym. 25meter pool, 50 meter pool, 2 hot tubs, water slides, a special divers only pool and an outdoor pool during summers….this place is a swimmer’s paradise. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the gym and exercise rooms.

Outdoor gym where I ran with many other Swedes

Outdoor gym where I ran with many other Swedes

My favorite part of the pool, which indulged my inner swim nerd, were the diving blocks from the Beijing summer Olympics. Apparently China thinks Sweden is a poor country and donated them. I’m not sure how true that statement is pertaining to Swedish economics, but I do know they have the equipment to a country that will use them.

A few year ago, Swedes began to pack on the pounds. They began to look like polar bears, Americans, fatter versions of themselves. To combat obesity, it is now law that all full time employees are given two hours a week of exercise time. To clarify: for at least two hours a week, a Swede is allowed to leave their job to exercise. Only in Sweden could this work….