First time with Norwegian

by julesfric

After losing an ongoing battle with Spanish class, and rocking a scene in theater class, I rushed to my parents house in Queens. I needed to do some last minute things like return a coat and buy presents, plus get a manicure. With two hours before I had to leave, an a long line at the gap, I had no time for nails.

As I sat in traffic to JFK, Norwegian air text me my boarding pass! I thought that was cool. Earlier they told me I would not be flying the Dreamliner because it is getting repaired(booooo!) but I was play with it. I was not okay with checking in on time and being told my flight was delayed for 2 HOURS! I was given a meal voucher as some compensation but all I wanted was to get on the plane after a crazy week of exams AND the worst part…if I knew this before, I would have had the time for a manicure.

It’s so weird to see people go crazy over a delayed flight. One girl was calling everyone she knew and cursing. Another guys kept bashing the airline, and I sat in the massage chair for an hour getting a nice manicure in the airport. To each their own I suppose.


What was frustrating is the extra half hour delay in boarding then another HOUR DELAY because of seating arrangements. Because of the new planes, people were not near friends/family and Of course that big party of 7 had to complain about it! My words to them: it is a 0:00 flight. SLEEP.

Once we took off, it was fine….except for the guy next to me.