Trying to beat jet lag

by julesfric

There is no cure for jet lag. Some people run, some change their diets, some stay cranky for days of their trip. I prefer the clock change method, where I try to go to sleep at my destination’s time (if possible) and wake up at their time as well. Waking up their time is the most important.

It can be a hassle. During mine and Fatima’s 8 hour layover in Paris, we fought off sleep. It was painful, but I think completely worth it. Once we landed in Dublin, we were ready for bed. It was  4PM EST and we were passed out.


My Stockholm flight leaves at 21:30 and lands at 5:15EST, 11:15 local time. It is important I get to sleep ASAP. I am in the middle seat- worth it because it is first row economy! Sleeping could be a bit difficult so I went to and I bought this amazing travel set. it comes with:

  • a plush neck pillow
  • an inflatable neck pillow
  • a blanket with a arm sling and ipod holder
  • an additional arm sling
  • an eye mask
  • a neck scarf

Needless to say, I will be very comfy. Sure, getting everything on will be a workout, and my neighbors might not appreciate the movement, but I need  my rest…especially since I am flying straight from finals, which reminds me, I should study.