Patty Cake

by julesfric

I love the New York City subway (referred to in conversation as train.) Besides its efficiency, I find the most interesting characters. The homeless with their stories, the women with $15,000 handbags, and the average Joe off to wherever they  need to be. I have seen and spoken to many interesting people on the subway. The train is almost this magical world on its own. People are so focused on getting to their destination yet aware of those around them. They ignore certain things, and interact with others. Every train has a “vibe.” It really is a sociological phenomenon which I will have to discuss at another time because I just met such an adorable girl on my commute home.

I hopped on the six train and found a seat, which happened to be next to this little girl named Madison. Madison just learned the game where she says “Up High” (you give her a high five) then “down low” (as you try to giver her a low five she moves her hand) and finishes with “too slow!” She was adorable and her mother though she was pushing me so she made her apologize, but like all little girls with strangers do, she just stared at me.I told her she needed to put in “In the  middle” and asked her to play. She buried her face in her mother’s shoulder.

Well long story short, by the time we hit 51st, we were BFF’s playing Patty Cake and other hand games.

Who says New Yorkers aren’t friendly?