Word of the day

by julesfric

I like to research as much as I can when planning to visit a foreign country. I am completely in love with Sweden’s new national website! It is very informative on culture, history, and tradition, with a bit of dry humor laced in as well.

Although approximately 65% of Swedes speak English, I still like to know a few words. So, here are some helpful words and phrases…

Fika- This means coffee break. Used as a verb.

Ja, jag är en naturlig brunett– “Yes, I am a natural brunette” I plan to see the percentage of natural blondes increase than compared to NYC.

Hur lång är du?– “How tall are you?” Swedish men are descendants of vikings. VIKINGS.

Handla- Shopping!!!

Because of the luxury of being accompanies by several Swedish friends, I do not need to learn much of the language, however I think these will come in handy especially when trying to impress the viking men.








The high English speaking population is comforting though. Stockholm, like any major modernized city, is safe, but still do take caution to pick pocketers and other criminals that are found in your home cities.

  • Fika (uncafependiente.wordpress.com)