Booking my ticket…

by julesfric

So if you didn’t guess from the Krona posted in my last post, I will be going to SWEDEN for Christmas and New Years.

I have a very close friend who lives there. Here family was sweet enough to let me stay with them for the holidays. My friend was in town last week when I asked, as well as her mother. (I actually grabbed a drink with her mom last night!) My friend wanted to just double check with her dad and sister.

Ever ambitious me decided to book my ticket before she asked. I booked through Norwegian, and got a pretty good deal. I use airfarewatchdog, itamatrix, and google flights, and expedia to check flights. It is important to use several search engines. Case in point: Norwegian’s prices only showed up through expedia.

I’ve never flown Norwegian but I liked the fact that I could refund a US ticket within 24 hours. So I booked my ticket, and that’s when my friend told me she needed to check with her family. CANCEL! Oddly enough I was only able to cancel the leg to Stockholm via computer, and called (thanks google voice) to cancel the ARN-JFK leg. This caused a bit of a hiccup with my credit card, as the one leg was refunded immediately and the other went through and took up available credit. Luckily AMEX took care of everything.

Enough time to part hard on New Years too!

Enough time to party hard on New Years too!

So Monday, I was expecting a call from my friend to book my flight. Looking back, I should have just kept the original flight and booked a hotel on the 24th. Because the world is ruled by Murphy’s Law, I was in the middle of a 5 mile hike/rock climbing bonding adventure with my colleagues. This is not something I wanted to do-especially when it takes 6 hours.

I’ve hiked before, and I love adventures, but all I wanted to do was sit in bed, with a box of cookies, and watch Downton Abbeby.

so the call come through- I get the ok to land on the 24th and… I HAVE NO INTERNET.

Long story- when I eventually got service, I was sitting in a tree booking my flight.

Totally worth it. Stockholm here I come!


P.S.  With the price of a bag and reserving a seat (first row economy) the ticket came out to be $720!