Cab Sharing

by julesfric

Remember when I told you about my Hispanic Day? Well that evening was an entirely different adventure….

I met a group of friends for a 25th birthday party. It was all you could eat sushi and saki bombs for $40. I should mention that the birthday boy and his friends  are Irish as in here in NYC on Visas. For them the all you can drink was worth it- for me, I was there for the company.

Well it was at about 23:00 that it began to downpour. After a half hour, the rain would not let up. So my friends headed to a bar and I began the walk to the train. I had forgotten my AmEx at Lilly’s earlier that day. I really wanted a cab but none were to be found. 3 blocks and soaked later I come across an empty cab.

Two brother were debating about taking it. Frustrated I looked at them and said “Are you taking this or what?!” The guy said yeah but offered to share the cab. They were only going 2 avenues from Lilly’s. I hopped it and boy, was in for a ride.

I don’t remember their names, the one in the middle offered me a shot of 1800 from the bottle in his lap. I politely declined, but I ended up smelling like tequila when half of it spilt! The other brother, the older one, flat out said “I sell drugs.” Oh Lord! That was interesting to see the wads of $100 bills when he paid.

As they left the cab, they asked for my number. I am always open to new friends (I cannot speak highly enough of my  friends in Berlin I randomly met in Dublin!) but I wasn’t a part of their scene. i believe I told them I was getting a new number this week… The door closed and the cabbie and I just looked at each other and laughed.

Moral of this story? Be willing to share cabs- sometimes you meet the most interesting people!