Hispanic Day in NYC

by julesfric

Saturday morning I met up with my Ecuadorian and Colombian friend for empanadas! I took the R train into queens where we then drove to cafe empanadas

Maduro con queso, vegetables, bacalao

Maduro con queso, vegetables, bacalao

FUN FACT! Queens is the most ethinically  diverse area of the Unites States. It houses the most nationalities. For a real international treat, try spending a day on the 7 train and getting off and the different stops. You’ll find Indian, Hispanic, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Greek, and nationalities I probably don’t even know about.

photo 2-8

Queens is famous for Mama’s empanadas but when ones Colombian friend insists on Cafe Empanadas (a place I’ve never been,) it is most logical for one to take her advice.

Cafe Empanadas did not disappoint. It is a cash only place but each empanada ranges from $1.40-$3.00. My friends thought it would be “cute” if I practiced my elementary Spanish while I ordered. For those who don’t posses the gift of language, the menu and the staff are fluent in English.

I ordered 2 Bacalaos (fish), one vegetables mixtos (veggies), and maduro con queso (ripened plantain with cheese-something I became obsessed with on a trip to Ecuador).

The food was delicious and the decor was enjoyable. It’s nice to eat something so simple in a very clean, nicely decorated establishment.

My Hispanic day didn’t end there! We traveled into Manhattan to attend a Univision event. It was like a big dance party of salsa and machata.  I also had the chance to flex my Spanish muscle….I need to focus on that muscle more at the gym.
Someone between the dancing and the laughter we ended up at Lillie’s-an adorable Victorian themed bar!

photo 5-2

We were in for a surprise when a meet up group began playing some old Gaelic tunes. What a day you can only imagine what my night was like….