Governor’s Island

by julesfric

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Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, New York City is The USA’s most famous chain of islands, NOT Hawaii!

NYC is compromised of five borough, housed on 3 very large islands, and numerous small islands. Manhattan island, Staten Island, and Long Island (queens and Brooklyn). The Bronx is the only thing on the main land. Of the smaller islands, there are Randall’s island (a prison,) Roosevelt Island, the Pelham Islands, Ellis Island, and Liberty Island just to name a few.

I recently explored Governors Island.  Governors Island has been under development for quite some time. The last time I visited was 4 years ago.  The 8 minute ferry, leaving every half hour during peak hours, is located adjacent to the Staten Island ferry. Both ferries are free.

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The Island is shaped like an ice cream cone, with the cone part closed off to the public for now. Soon that area will feature a sea of hammocks for visitors to just sit and swing.

It was originally used for military housing, which would explain the fort, castle, and houses built on the island. A decade ago, CUNY was considering buying the island as a college campus, but the ferry issue was complicated. Now, it’s a tourist attraction, most notable for its music festivals and Jazz Age lawn party.

A dome made of recycled water bottles and jugs

A dome made of recycled water bottles and jugs

My friend and I went to check out the art works featured in their current show but we had the most fun just getting lost.

I recommend to buy a map, rent a bike, and pack a picnic for an awesome day of beautiful Manhattan  skylines.