San Gennaro Festival

by julesfric

The annual dan Gennaro festival has begun in NYC’s Little Italy. This festival takes place at various times of the year in different locations, but the Little Italy location is the most well-known. I prefer the Astoria, Queens one, but that is only my opinion.

The purpose of weaving through the crowds was to get my hands on a sausage and pepper sandwich.

My group of friends took the train to price then walked a few blocks, by the feast is accessible from several different streets/stations. I like going to Canal Street and entering from there. The first thing we saw was…a sausage and peppers stand!

All the stands are basically the same. For $8-$9 you get a choice of hot or sweet sausage topped with peppers and onions on a hero. Once perfection was in my hand, I moved over to the side walk so I could truly enjoy what I was craving for a few days.

photo 5-1
Eventually we had to adventure deeper into the fair, for our next mission was zeppolis. Zeppolis, are up there with the worst foods for the body- squeezed between French fries and soda. But how can something so delicious be so bad?
For $6 we got 14 balls of fried dough tossed in powdered sugar.

From here we should have turned around, but instead we moved through the crowed streets passed the cannoli and sfoudeli stands to make it to the booth giving out “kiss me I’m Italian stickers”

photo 1-7


2 hours of crowds, and I was ready to go home. All this for a sandwich.