A day on the water front

by julesfric

A view from Old Fulton St.

A view from Old Fulton St.

Today I headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park, rightly named for the fact that it is located near the Brooklyn Bridge.

The park is under development but 3 piers are still open for your enjoyment. The Dumbo area has been booming in the past 3-5 years, but the area was always known for Grimaldi’s pizza (more about the pizza later.)

photo 5

My friend and I met at the Borough Hall stop and walked to the Park. You can’t  miss it…just look for the Brooklyn Bridge! We were welcomed by the Brooklyn Ice Cream factory and Luke’s Lobster Shack found on Old Fulton & Water Street. We skipped on these knowing we wanted pizza later. (Still have to wait a bit longer for the pizza review.)

We walked the entire water front to check out the rest of the piers. Pier 5 and 6 are geared more towards children with an envious serious of sprinkler and swing parks. One thing I noticed was the abundance of ice-cream sold along the piers. This is truly a great place to be if you’re a kid. Pier 6 is easy to access from the city as the NYC water taxi has a dock conveniently located. For adults, there is “Pop Up” pool and beach located on a different pier.

photo 3-5

The walk back was a dream of Grimaldi’s pizza. When we got to Grimaldi’s we noticed a pizzeria names “Juliana’s”. I read a review of the restaurant from the Village Voice Blog, which you can also read here, or outside Juliana’s store front.  Basically, Juliana’s owner is Patsy Grimaldi- Yes, the same family that started Grimaldi’s next door before it was sold in 1998. So in reality, Juliana’s is the real Grimaldi’s and they take CREDIT CARD. (Grimaldi’s is cash only)

Getting ready to eat a true Grmialdi recipe pie

Getting ready to eat a true Grmialdi recipe pie

As I watched tourists and my fellow routine New Yorkers wait on a joint line for order, I skipped the 3 person que to order my pie take out. A small pie with onions and prosciutto came to be $26. As my friend and I sat with a beautiful view of Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, I couldn’t help but laugh at those still on line at Grimaldi’s.