46 hours to recover

by julesfric

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This weekend was a crazy, nonstop, whirlwind of drama and sleep deprivation. To understand, let us go back to 24 hours before my flight to L.A.…..

I wake up at 09:00 Thursday. Being myself, I stayed up all night chatting with my best friend and grabbing a midnight snack. I also did this for the extra benefit of getting a ride to the airport.  I thought I would sleep in the air. BAD MISTAKE.

Biggest rule of flying is to stay hydrated. Water and moisturizer are a must. All the water I drank was no match for my unusually strong and very large bladder. Good thing I had an aisle seat. I figured I could sleep once I got to my hotel, but oh no! Why?

View from my hostel that I stayed in for 1 hour.

View from my hostel that I stayed in for 1 hour.

I flew to California to be head crew for my friend’s 20 mile Catalina Channel swim!

Crazy, right? The swim started at 23:00. The 12 hour prior were filled with swim meetings, trainings, supply shopping, a 2 hour boat ride to the finish line and DRAMA. I’ve never seen a grown man (not the man who was swimming) flip out about petty upsets. Needless to say, I had no sleep.

My mild sea-sickness, mixed with the nausea from exhaustion, did not create a pleasant experience. It was terrible- I was the only person who knew the actual swim plan. I was in an out on consciousness trying to give orders. Kayakers, feeds, the black of night…what a crazy experience.

I am so grateful for the swimmer’s sister. When I awoke from a short nap, she had things under control. By day break, I was able to stomach food and my friend finished in an amazing time of 9 hours and 45 minutes.

Terranea in sight

Terranea in sight

I ended my time in L.A. with an amazing nap, an even more amazing nap, a fantastic facial mask, and drive to Long Beach in my rented Mustang convertible. WOOOHOOO! Wind in my hair.