Silver Lining

by julesfric

Another Speakeasy!


My very trendy friend is known among my group to spot some great joints before they get too packed or popular. Granted, anything on a Sunday-Wednesday usually isn’t crowded, but I’ve never heard of this place as a speakeasy junkie.

I looked up the address and photo of the building. Even though I did this, the building had no sign saying “Silver Lining.” The only give away away was a bouncer sitting inside the buildings lobby, which led to a door, which led to a stairwell, which brought you to the bar.


Very nice spot! cozy but it was not crowded on this Wednesday. My friend and I both love champagne. While she prefers sweet cocktails, I enjoy more bitter ones. The waitress had the bartender make us both champagne cocktails tailored to our taste preferences. DELISH!!


The best part about this place? They have live jazz starting at 9 during the week. We left early and missed the music, but one day I’ll return to hear some smooth sax.