Beauty Queen

by julesfric


My awesome friend suggested that we go to Spa Castle for a day of rest and relaxation. The fall semester starts next week, and I’ve spent the last 5 months trying to recover from a mild case of mononucleosis, so I figured a day of warm pools and saunas would be some much needed medicine.

I made  the trek from the Upper East side to Whitestone, Queens to retrieve my car. Yes. I grew up a hop, skip and a jump from Spa Castle.

First stop of the day  was Cherry Valley Deli- a place with about 8 chalkboards filled with sandwiches. (My favorite is the plain Jane- chicken cutlet, lettuce, tomato,and mayonnaise).

It is good to eat a large lunch before the spa because It does not allow any outside food or beverages. It has 2 food courts. One has a health rating of B! So I reiterate, eat a big lunch before.

We arrived around 3 and headed directly  to the rooftop pool. It wasn’t very sunny, so after a half hour we headed to the women’s only section.

Spa Castle has a “uniform” that must be worn in coed common areas. The men’s and women’s locker rooms each have a Nude and uniform section. The uniform section includes couches, a television and 2 saunas.

photo 3

The nude sections is the fun section though- it boasts a sauna, a steam room, showers,  and SEVEN pools at varying temperatures.

For those who are shy, the coed common area has a rooftop pool, an indoor pool bar, and some really cool saunas. Cool as in a Gold Sauna, Salt Sauna, LED sauna, cold sauna etc!

photo 2

My friend and I ended up spending 6 hours there and only bought drinks because we were stuffed from our lunch. We could have stayed longer if we had napped in some of their special napping rooms.

In total, for weekday entrance, a 30 minute foot massage, a DIY facial mask, and 2 drinks, $85!

Not bad considering I came out feeling relaxed and energized.

photo 1

Overall, this is a good spa for Americans who aren’t used to spa cultures like the Europeans or Japanese are subject to. There is a big mix of nationalities present. Some people don’t know the proper spa etiquette (and mandatory clothes in sauna kills me!) but it was a grand time.





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