Meet Bruce Wayne

by julesfric


Well folks, it just so happens I am the owner of a new 11inch MacBook Air named Bruce Wayne.

Why name my computer? Well you see, I have terrible luck with apple computers. I seem to easily fry the hard drives, but I still love any and all apple products. My iphone/iPad/MacBook are the perfect trio. After the death of my third or fourth computer I thought maybe naming my things would make me want to treat them better.

It hasn’t worked but I keep naming them.

I called ahead and placed an order for Bruce. My location of choice was obviously the Fifth avenue/ 59th street flag ship store. An hour later, Bruce was ready for adoption!


I called ahead for a few reasons. The first was because I did not want to wait online to buy what I wanted. I literally walked down the glass spiral staircase, found a guy in a blue shirt, and within 5 minutes I was out the door. Secondly, I saw that Apple has a great deal with Barclaycard, and I had few questions/ details I needed to take care of.

What is the Barclaycard? Another credit card. Another credit card? Yes, I’m now a slave to another credit card, but it is totally worth it. If approved on the spot, you can instantly use the card for a same day sale. As long as you make a purchase within 30 days of initial card approval, you get 0% APR for 6, 12, or 18 months. (Time varies on product price). Now I can have my computer, shoes, and destinations too!

At 22:15, the Apple store was bustling. ***TIP*** I only visit the Genius Bar after 0:00. It’s the only time that the store is pleasant. Save yourself the hassle-tourist or local- and visit it during the early hours of the morning.