The High Line

by julesfric


The High Lineis a fantastic park located on the west side of the city. It is old railroad tracks converted into a “park in the sky.” My friend and I walked the mile strip on this beautiful day.

Although the park does not have fantastic views of the Hudson River, scattered along the path are cool viewing areas of the city streets, complete with body length glass for an unobstructive view.

The best part of the High Line? It is definitely the beautiful greenery mixed in with the subtle art pieces. Plus the details are extraordinary. My favorite was the section of wooden lounge chairs with train wheels on the base to fit into the no longer used rail lines. I also fancied the shaved ice station!
The Highline Line is fantastic for lunch or a date or even a walk. There are water fountains along the way, and in the middle are a few food and beverage stations. Souvenirs are sold there too!



My recommendations for anyone who wants a laid back day, and a fabulous lunch, is to start your walk from 30th street and walk down to Gansevoort Street. Located a block away is the Gansevoort Meatpacking .Take the rest of the afternoon to grab a drink and check out more of the views. Maybe even a grab a bite at this super posh hotel.