Givenchy Lipstick

by julesfric


I LOVE red lipstick. My grandma wears it, my mom wears it, and I wear it too!

Normally I like getting lost in Sephora picking out lipsticks, but this time I ordered a new color online. **NOTE: if you sign up for a Sephora beauty insider card, all purchases get saved to your account so even if you forget a color, it’s saved there.**

I really like the color. To the trained eye it is only a bit darker than my favorite lipstick, but I am very happy with my selection. I love the case and the lipstick goes on creamy and smooth. Most high end lipsticks have this quality, and that is what differentiates $7 lipstick from a $35 product.

Having a lipstick that feels good on the lips, is worth every penny.

Givenchy,No. 20, Illicit Rasberry, Rouge Interdit