A champagne toast

by julesfric


I’d like to purpose a toast- to dreams, success, and passions.
Who would have guessed that at the age of 11, while I cried in protest at a family trip to London and Paris, I would fall in love with foreign cities…

I am a born and raisd New Yorker. I Haile from the greatest city in the world. “The city of lights.” All over the world I am greeted with a friendly smile when I say I am from New York City. My adolescent mind saw no need for travel. I could spend the day riding the subway to sample almost every language, ethnicity, or food imagineable.

My first night in London was rough. Jet lagged and fighting with my brother, I remember locking myself in the bathroom and falling asleep on the cool tiled floor. Upon waking, and quite refreshed, I was ready to conquer this foreign land. I must say, I absolutely loved it, and it has still been my favorite city to date.

With the fear of terrorism, the eurozone, and college tuition bills, my parents stalled all international travel. Although my passport was replaced by a yearly ticket to Florida, my dreams of seeing the globe remained the same. 10 years later, my dreams and hopes and desires could no longer contain themselves. I was bit by the wanderlust bug, and the disease had finally taken over.
I began traveling again.

My part time paycheck, while juggling school and extracurriculars, is now delicately balanced between shoes and airline tickets. The latest trend is only a trend- traveling and those memories, never go out of style.

So, here’s to my future adventures, my future one night loves, and my happiness.