A Ticket to the Top

24,901 miles of adventure, food, and love. All starting in NYC.

Ooooh Baby, BAAAABY!

This weekend I cohosted a shower with 2 of my dear friends. I am so excited to share photos of the beautiful job the ladies did. Guests left calling it “the best baby shower” they’ve been to. It was a Jack & Jill shower, with games including poopy diapers, chugging, and a baby relay! Oh and it was brunch themed- who doesn’t love babies and mimosas?

Olive Espana

Spain is still this magical place in my head.

I was so happy that I began and ended my trip with my friend Camz. I am also so grateful to have had the 5 days on my own.


I landed on a Monday morning to Camz waiting outside customs for me. After a failure in finding the bus, we hopped in a cab to the beautiful Westin for some tea and nibbles. I had a chance to explore Madrid with her as my guide. The best part of the day (besides spending the day with her) was discover 2 euro wines. I ended my night at the hotel bar, drinking a wonderful red wine, which I regret not getting the name of, and meeting an older gentleman from Dubai/France, who regrettably got my name.



That morning I headed to the train station for my train to Seville. I bought a youth ticket (under 26). Apparently he printed as “child”. I tried to explain in my mediocre Spanish that it was a youth ticket. With no luck, I “took a ticket” to wait for a new ticket. With my new ticket in hand, I ran to the gate and made my train just in time.

**Side note on trains** When you book your ticket, you book a specific seat. You cannot sit wherever you’d like.

When I got off the train, I knew I entered a magical place. Seville, you have my heart. It is the most magical city in my eyes. Filled with beautiful people, amazing architecture, and an interesting history, I cannot stop dreaming of this city. The most magical moment was in a hot tub, on my own, looking at the Cathedral of Seville lit up at night.


I made a new friend on my trip to the Alhambra, and was invited to her wedding in Canada!

It was sad to leave after 3 nights in my perfect hotel (it was next door to Carmen’s Cigar factory). I long for the day that I can return and fall asleep, in my comfy bed, with the light breeze coming through the open balcony window and the sound of a solo saxophone player wafting into my room.


Mt trip ended with Barcelona. I had one day alone and I ventured a hour north to Figueres to see the Salvator Dali museum. (such a good idea.) Bright and early Camz showed up at my hotel. We had a day packed with Picasso, getting drunk in “The Fairy Forest,” Park Guell, napping, olives, wine, and being silly.

Such a wonderful week in a wonderful place during my wonderful life.

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The trip to Dublin and back were equally filled with drama, which had to do with time.


An hour and a half my friend and I arrived at the airport. We had been on 4 flights in the last 3 weeks…1.5 hours was fine except we didn’t know about pre-clearance!!

A few countries undergo US pre clearance to alleviate customs on the ground. Dublin international is one of them. When we checked in, and of course this included a 20 minute passport problem, the ticket agents stressed to get to our gate ASAP. We surprisingly found a very long pre-clearance line 1 hour long standing in our way.


I, the worrier, began freaking out as the minutes passed. By the time we got trough customs we had less than 5 minutes. Oh yeah, those 5 minutes were spent through a second security scan.

I remember the two of us running, her with no shoes, up these steps then the longest ramp I could ever imagine- our backpacks bouncing up and down with all our travel treasures.


But we made it! We huffed and puffed and caught our breathe for 45 minutes as the plane was delayed waiting for all the other chaps stuck at pre-clearance.

Fail on us.

My apologies

Vulnerability is not about fear and grief and disappointment; it is the birthplace of everything we’re hungry for.- Brene Brown

Its been a while, but for good reason.

Before Spain, I was in a “funk”. I hated my job, I felt unhealthy, I slept all the time, and I began not feeling like myself. The Monday after my journey, I handed in my two week notice. I did have a part time, job lined up for the next 3 months, but I felt nervous. I knew in my heart I was making the right decision.

Almost 9 months later and I am as happy as can be. I have a career path I love, getting 8 hours of sleep, and have time to balance all the people who are important to me. Within the next coming weeks I will try to back track my adventures from Spain till now. Some details may be lost, but fear not, my humor (I hope) and grandeur remains.

What’s in the bag: Spain

When it comes to packing, I like to travel light. Since I’ll be heading to 3 cities in 1 week, I opted for only a carry on, which I prefer for any multi-city trip.

When I returned home from my first multi city trip of three weeks I realized I overpacked. Although I strategically plotted outfits to fit into a carry-on, I ended up only using half of what I brought. For this trip I am using a much smaller bag. I am excited because it has a zipper in the middle. my goal is to fit everything when the bag is it that way I can expand it while away to fit any treasures I wish to bring home.


And what of the clothes you say? I decided to just pull things through my closet and stuff it in my bag. If I am not entirely sure of what I packed and which outfit combinations I will make until its time to get dressed each day. There was very minimal planning; Dresses are my best option and shorts aren’t appropriate for the predicted weather. I have learned that tights and fleece lined leggings can keep you warmer than pants. Also, depending on the shoe, a dress can go from night to day.

This leads me to try something new. I am a steadfast believer in only packing one pair of additional shoes. For this trip I am packing the three additional pairs (in hopes of compensating for lack of clothes). My shoes and my outerwear are about the only thing I actually put thought into. So take a look into my bag!


A ruse?

There is a young lady; the muse
Whose company a man pursues.
She sips champagne,
And dreams of Spain,
But lately she’s been feeling a ruse.

👭 BFF > 👫 BF = universal rule


Spinning the globe

A serendipitous moment- a chance facebook post leading to an amazing delta deal- the right text to the right person- an ideal location…

…yes, I am talking about the tickets to Italy which were discussed and booked within 15 minutes.

Such an exciting trip to look forward to!

95 days to go!



The Older Man

You’re Right. I got my wish. I got everything I asked for. – Under The Tuscan Sun

Once, a wise woman told me to write all the attributes I want in a man on a piece of paper. She warned not to be too shallow and have no more than 10 things on the list.  This list brought me my first love and my first heart break. Over the years I’ve edited down the list to include the bare essentials, and I am happy, and terrified to say, I think I found him.

There is this scene in Under the Tuscan Sun where Frances, the main character, is told that she has everything she ever wanted, its just not in the way she intended it to be. I am happy because it is everything that I ever wanted. I am terrified because it is not exactly in the way I expected.

I found a man who loves adventure and would travel on a whim for me, who is fascinated by my body and even more in love with my mind. He recites poetry to me and can financially take care of me. Over glasses of wine we speak of politics and philosophy instead of current events. I would say that he is absolutely head over heels for me, and I, get butterflies whenever we speak.

My mother wants me to be happy. My father wants me to be well taken care of. However, what if he is not what they picture?

I am in this entirely uncertain part of my life. The only thing I am sure of is that I am happy when he is around. Life is too short to be unhappiness. When you feel like crying, it is better to laugh. I choose happiness.


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