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Travel Buddies: the Pros, the Cons, and the Need


The other day I met my soulmate.

His name is Jordan.

He’s 29.

Has a great job in finance, and most importantly,

He loves to travel spontaneously.

You can say we fell in love within the first few minutes of meeting. The first thing out of his mouth was travel related. We bonded over travel stories and I knew I had him when I showed him a few tricks or two to booking cheap flights.


I envy those who can travel solo. I wish I could just get up and go by myself. I know one day I will, and I think it will be soon, but for now, I am a slave to traveling with a companion. This is mainly because of my mom. I get it, I’m young. This makes me vulnerable. After my pickpocket incident and purse snatch one week apart in Europe, I also don’t have the best of luck. Top this off with my belief that people are inherently good, and I am a heart attack for almost any mother. Oh, did I also mention that my mom holds my passport hostage until I can provide her the name of who I’ll be taking my next trip with. Yeah these were her words of wisdom before I went on my first adventure:

While driving to airport…

“Let me tell you about a little movie i once saw. It was called The Midnight Express. This guy gets framed for drugs and he spends his life in jail. No one could help him. He was abused and tortured and the US Embassy was useless. He had to be eventually smuggled out. Have fun sweetie! :)”



So here I am. I am going to break down the pros and cons of traveling with a buddy.



Save half on accommodations like  airbnb and hotels

Always have someone to talk with

Safety in numbers

Someone to take your photos

A buddy to laugh about  memories with more often

Easier to make foreign friends


You have to compromise about what to do for the day

Tendency to get into an argument or on each other’s nerves

No freedom

You’ll have different budgets hence different amounts of spending


My Pros outweigh my cons, But I’m curious about others’ pro/con lists. What do you prefer? IN the meantime, I’ll sit in the city that never sleeps, dreaming about my next destination and how to convince my friends to max out their credit cards to tag along.

*I am still searching for my life soulmate, as Jordan and I both have the same male celebrity crushes.


Single in NYC on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day as many know it by, can be difficult for any single person. I often wonder of being a single female in NYC, where the dating scene is notorious for females, makes it more or less difficult to handle the day.


I often take the day on stride, and remember all the perks of being single, like extra onions on EVERYTHING. This year, V-Day was on a Friday, so I did my typical Friday thing….drinks with Friends.

First stop, Flute. Flute is a champagne bar. Some people can drink water like its water. I can drink champagne like its water. Really, the only thing I wanted to do was drink champagne and slow dance while lip synching to cheesy love songs. I couldn’t make that happen, but I at least got my champagne….including a $150 of champagne bought for me and my two gal pals by this guy at the bar. We thought it was so sweet a guy would buy three single ladies champagne on Valentine’s Day, believing he was sensitive and such. Nope! His girlfriend thought otherwise. Well, at least it was a beautiful bottle.


We headed to Lillie’s, where things got interesting: brothers, sliders, under cans, crazy girls, large bionic teddy bears, and pool tables.


No evening is complete without dancing and detoxing at Home Sweet Home, having a snowball fight down E. Houston, and loading up on falafel.

I think the moral of this story is, I had a kick-ass time with two gal pals than I would have had on a fancy dinner date or moping on the couch.

Lesson learned: Go out and rock the town.


And half priced chocolate covered strawberries( because when you’re single you buy them for yourself) are always delicious the night after dancing!

Love and Dating

Date a Girl Who Travels

There is this thing going around called “don’t date a girl who travels


This is my rant.

Why don’t you want a girl who travels?
Do you not want someone who is culturally sensitive?
Who can handle themselves?
Who can take care of themselves?
Make the best out of every and any situation?
Knows how to make the ordinary fun?
Wants adventure?

You can date a girl who travels and make her the happiest girl in the world-just learn to be her rock, because no matter what, she will need it. Or even better…be a boy who travels.


Swedes and Their Exercise

Forget about being lazy on a vacation! I exercised everyday while in Stockholm. To tell you the truth, I increased my NYC gym regime just so I would be fit enough to keep up with my friend.

The most used Christmas preset was by far the 5 day pass to the Olympic sized pool and gym. 25meter pool, 50 meter pool, 2 hot tubs, water slides, a special divers only pool and an outdoor pool during summers….this place is a swimmer’s paradise. Oh yes, and let’s not forget the gym and exercise rooms.

Outdoor gym where I ran with many other Swedes

Outdoor gym where I ran with many other Swedes

My favorite part of the pool, which indulged my inner swim nerd, were the diving blocks from the Beijing summer Olympics. Apparently China thinks Sweden is a poor country and donated them. I’m not sure how true that statement is pertaining to Swedish economics, but I do know they have the equipment to a country that will use them.

A few year ago, Swedes began to pack on the pounds. They began to look like polar bears, Americans, fatter versions of themselves. To combat obesity, it is now law that all full time employees are given two hours a week of exercise time. To clarify: for at least two hours a week, a Swede is allowed to leave their job to exercise. Only in Sweden could this work….

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Swedes and Their Candy

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.33.27 AM

Swedish Candy from NYC

As a lover of sugar, I tend to favor that of the cake variety, but I don’t discriminate against candy either. Lucky me, Swedes love candy.

I mean really LOVE candy!

In every grocery store or convenience there is a section full so loose candy. When I saw this, I couldn’t contain my joy and did my happy dance for the entire store to see.

Now, being an adult means you can eat cake for breakfast and candy for dinner. This universal law was upheld on my trip. Almost every night ended with stop at 7/11 for some delectable strawberry licorice and chocolate pieces-being sure to just take lagom.

Being an adult also means eating candy any day of the week, not just on Saturdays or =

Unfortunately this can be troublesome for parents when this New Yorker unapologetically munches on while riding the T during a random day of the week. Oops!


Stockholm in a nutshell…

I am selling Stockholm short by lumping it into one post, but that’s how the trip felt in my mind. For only 6 hours of daylight, my days felt so long. Lying in bed, I said to my friend, “I’ve been here 5 days, right?” in which I was only  finishing my second full day. So here’s the timeline of what I did!

Day 1- Landed and Christmas

Day 2- Photo museum, which has such amazing views. I got the chance to understand Swedish geography while looking out onto the water.

Day 3- Bandy match where Hammarby won! I was a given a green Hammarby scarf by a very drunk Swede named Jimmy. Since Sweden is about equality, and men don’t quart women with material things, I took this gesture to be a marriage proposal…that is if swedes believed in marriage.

Day 4- Vasamuseum and FIka. Another NYC met up for the day. He lovs ships so we went to see the Vasa, afterwards I finally got to try a Swedish cinnamon  bun. I am in love with Cinnamon buns from Sweden.

Day 5-  Swedish Tacos!!

Day 6- Boqueria and Nobis

Day 7-  Visit to the State owned liquor store

Day 8- New Years Eve

Day 9- Home attempt I

Day 10- Home attempt II

A rare day to see the sun.

A rare day to see the sun.

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.14.20 AM

Nobis Hotel

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.14.33 AM

Castle in Old Town

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 10.14.08 AM

Sedes love to talk about weather. I love taking pictures of their weather.