A Ticket to the Top

24,901 miles of adventure, food, and love. All starting in NYC.

My latest purchase and obsession…

A custom monotype of historical NYC water towers.

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Hilton Head

D and  I finally arrived to Hilton Head late in the night. After a slight malfunction with the A/C, we were upgraded to a nicer room with a better view. I slept like a baby and smelled like one too. All SPG brand hotels have signature scents, and the Westin scent is my favorite. It is a white/green tea scent. Very mild and pleasant.

View from the room- It is also a beach front property

I spent my day by the pool. That night we headed to Savannah Georgia for a fun and unexpected night. The next morning, we checked out, but continued to hang out by the pool because the pool bar had the best fish tacos of the entire trip. I would visit Hilton Head again if not for the fish tacos!

Some photos of my relaxing pool time:

Best fish tacos ever!

Best fish tacos ever!

The suit I bought in North Carolina when I got sun poisoning= bikini break

The suit I bought in North Carolina when I got sun poisoning= bikini break

My personal oasis


A song…

: Home, home on the runway, where the sky team is heard over the pa, and the pilots roam while the FAs groan because the skies have been cloudy all day.

The African Village

Our helpful Charleston guide Anna, have us such a unique recommendation. She told us about the “African Village.” It’s a community an hour south of Charleston, where, we were told, they live separate from the US. My question was “Do I need my passport?”


As D freaked out driving down the path, and instructed to me get the scissors from the glove compartment, I was fully confident about what lay before us. We were welcomed by a sign and instructed to honk our horn upon arrival. Eventually our tour guide, Oma Wally (Not how it is spelled, but I can’t remember the exact way…sorry!) We were guided around the grounds and given the history of the village as well as insight into their spiritual beliefs.
IMG_7546 IMG_7545

The very exciting part was the destiny reading we got from the chief. I’ve had palms, tarot cards and ruins read, but I’ve never done this. I was very happy over the outcome. I was given my coordinating power color (white,) and D and I both got necklaces to represent our respective colors.

During D's Reading

During D’s Reading

To follow-up, the chief gave us his number to call back, and Oma Wally gave us  call a few days later to see how the road trip was going.



P.S. The king seemed to like me, so if all else fails, I think I might just go be a queen!

Charleston, South Carolina


Deborah and I did an express stop through Charleston on our way to Hilton Head.

We reached the city around 20:15 which was perfect because we were able to catch the Patriots and Pirates ghost tour. Although the other 10 members of the tour were disrespectful (why take a ghost your if you don’t want to find out about ghosts?) out tour guide Anna was fantastic! I’ll explain her in more detail later.

And hotel?

I have an app called “hotel tonight” which gives me last minute rates for nearby hotels. We chose the Mill House, a location on our ghost tour. How cool is that! Here’s the story, General Lee was smoking a cigar on the balcony when he saw Charleston burning. It was The Great Fire of 1861. He began knocking on everyone’s doors, instructing them to soak towels and sheets in water, and to hang them out their windows. This stopped the fire from burning the hotel.

I’m proud to say, we negotiated a rate for $125 for the night, which I’m sure had a lot to do with the fact that we showed up to the hotel around 0:00.


That morning we had a great breakfast of shrimp and grits, fried green beans, and sweet teas. Followed by a walk through the market, reminiscing of my favorite Gullah Gullah Island episode, and a nice break on the swings.


Our trip was short because we wanted to head to the African Village, a recommendation from your guide Anna, which is a future post worth reading!

As for now, in enjoying a sweet tea by the pool with some fish tacos ready to continue my sweet tea tour!

North Carolina

photo 1-4

Well, one week is completed of the Sweet Tea Tour.

After a few days of an AirBnB house, Deborah and I were offered a place to stay at Battle’s Home on Wrightsville Beach in exchange for dig sitting.

photo 2-4

Our days were consumed with trips to the Causeway Cafe, followed by cooler lunches on the beach, and fish for dinner  something that is not fish, because fish are friends, not food.

The low point of the trip was definitely the accidental sun poisoning. I swear I wore sunscreen and applied it frequently. Alas, SPF 30 was not enough for my polar vortex prone skin. I blame the fact that my skin hasn’t seen a beach vacation in almost 5 years as the reason for my sun poisoning. Deborah blames her ex-boyfriend, but that is another story. Oh, and I think the hot yoga class that I left halfway through the day before also had a bit to do with it. Note to self: never beach then hot yoga without a 3 hour nap and a gallon of water between the two.

Ginger the doggie

Ginger the doggie

Alls well that ends well.

We left Monday around 3 to head to Charleston, SC. But, have no fear, as we are heading back to Wilmington in a few days to see Ginger the doggie once more.


Making it to the beach

The plan was to leave Manhattan at 18:00. Then 20:00. Somehow we left at 22:30. By somehow I mean my friend Deborah was a hot mess- bags not packed. Panicked over what to pack. Trying to ran her apartment etc.

I slept about an hour in the car when the call came through that we could crash in DC for the night at a friends’.

It took us 5 hours to get to DC, which was a short stay, as we only slept for 3 hours. 6:00 and I was up, dirty chair latte in hand, Carole King
blasting, and cruise controlling at 75 mph to Wilmington, NC!

Our 13:00 arrival was well welcomed by fish sandwiches (and delicious lemon pepper fries) and Battles hospitality, as our rental home wasn’t ready yet.


Straight to the beach it was!


….and then straight to dinner, $2 fish tacos with Battle and her husband.

….and then straight to bed. I was exhausted.

The Sweet Tea Tour


My latest adventure!

After the disappointment of being state bound, I realized “ummm hello!! I’m in the US..duh,” so my friend Deborah and I decided to pack up the car and take a road trip. Our plans aren’t set in stone. She has friends and family all along I29. I currently bring you this blog at 0:55 somewhere in Delaware en route to a DC, where we’re going to catch a few hours of sleep and then back on the road to Wilmington, NC.


The plan is simple: there is no real plan.

We’re starting in Wilmington. Eventually we’ll head to Hilton head island for a few days.

No exact time frame of when we’ll be back. It’s just me, Deborah, and the baby Jetta.

My custom poem

A man with his typewriter, underground in Union Square, wrote me this for $5. I wish I had more money to give. I told him I love to travel and meet to people. My mind is always on a foreign city….


15 Quintessentially New York City Terms

Since I’m about to become a tourist to some new cities, I thought I would be helpful for those millions who will soon visit my city.

This post is originally from Buzzfeed by Emmy Favilla http://www.buzzfeed.com/emmyf/the-new-york-city-dictionary


1. Hot Garbage

1: a distinctive scent exclusive to NYC, particularly in the months of July and August

2: an odor that can be compared only to the recesses of hell or a heaping bowlful of sewage

2. Deli/Bodega/Corner Store

1: terms used interchangeably for the store at which you can buy pretty much everything you need ever

2: place you will usually find an adorable cat who is also sassy and cool

3. Plain Slice

1: a piece of cheese pizza

2: a form of miracle sustenance that works both as a respectable lunch and dinner as well as satisfying drunk food FOR A DOLLAR omg

4. Brick

1: really fucking cold

2: November through March

5. …But It’s the Law!

1: used most often in cabs that refuse to take you from one borough to another

2: what you will be yelling in a drunken haze, just outside the Williamsburg Bridge, with a slab of pizza dangling out of your mouth at 4 a.m. when the cabbie doesn’t give a shit

6. Train

1: general term for the NYC subway

2: form of transportation in which an empty car during rush hour is a clue you are about to encounter the most horrifying stench and/or sight of all your years

7. Waterbug

1: a giant, terrifying cockroach; palmetto bug

2: proof that the devil is real and it walks (sometimes flies) among us

8. Hero

1: a sandwich commonly/erroneously referred to as a “sub” in other parts of the country

2: that dude who sees you racing through the turnstile and holds the train doors open for you even though everyone else on the train is all like, “WTF, shithead, we have somewhere to be” and you’re like, “Wutevs, so do I, assholes”

9. Nutcracker

1: a delightful homemade alcoholic beverage typically sold on trains or in parks out of a suspicious cooler or backpack

2: responsible for your blackout and having your every possession stolen after you pass out on the train ride home

10. Bridge-and-Tunnel Crowd

1: fake-ID-toting youngsters from Long Island and New Jersey drowned in hair gel, teetering on 5-inch heels, clubbing and doing Jägerbombs yolo-style

2: the worst humans ever (but actually sort of fun to party with if you’re super wasted)

11. Houston Street

1: a pretty cool street on which to hang downtown

2: the pronunciation of which is the No. 1 way to spot a tourist or newcomer to the city

12. Schmear

1: a coating of cream cheese (i.e., on a bagel)

2: what you’d be wise to ask for at Russ & Daughters, Hot Bialys, etc.

13. The City

1: used by outer-borough folk to describe the borough of Manhattan

2: impossible to travel to from an outer borough on the weekends (aka when every train you need is down and/or running on another train’s line and/or running as a “shuttle” for approximately five stops)

14. Magnolia Bakery

1: place with nice enough but overrated cupcakes made famous by Sex and the City

2: where you will find every last tourist pretending to enjoy the best dessert of their entire life before their next stop at Times Square

15. Times Square

1: literally hell

2: where otherwise normal-functioning humans curiously forget that legs can be utilized for movement purposes

via 15 Quintessentially New York City Terms.


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